About BaoziInn

Baozi Inn has it deep roots undertaken from the People’s commune (人民公社; rénmín gōngshè) was culminated during the ‘Great Leap Forward‘, when Chairman Mao vision was to unite all commune by sharing household food. 

The commune shares food, foster friendship, and strengthening mutual bonds, as food is the source to happiness a great way to bring people together. Jiao zi (dumpling), Baozi and Dan-Dan noodles were once staple food shared among the community. We hold onto the spirit of unity to pass down treasured authentic heirloom recipes to the next generations. 

Our humble menu at Baozi Inn still carries these heritage authentic recipes of the bygones era. While we evolve into the present era, our cuisine offers unlimited possibilities of cuisines internationally that can be found in our menu! 

Our delightful jiaozi (dumpling) comes with a variety of fillings that caters for vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Our nibbles and barbeque meat on skewers complement well with our German, Dutch or Belgian beers.

Our mini burgers are a sight to behold, colourful and flavourful, a fusion of East and West. Robust meat patties of beef immerse to perfection, imbue with oriental spices exquisite zest! Topped with matured Cheddar cheese, gherkins and fresh seasonal greens. Our innovative chef use Chinese mantou bun, for this burger, to replace the conventional bun. This innovative union creates the best soft-textured bun that decorously complement the rest of the attribute.

For bold eaters our try signature Jiaozi, dragon wonton and variety of noodles empowering flavours, would turn your palate on, with mesmerising experience.

 Our Northern Chinese street food, hearty comforting, affordable, yet adventurous are here for you to savour, as our motto, “We strive to serve everyone wholeheartedly!”